Pawns of Deception

Pawns of Deception

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Pawns of Deception

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Ebook Details:

Author: Pinske, Beverly
ISBN: 9781439259634
In Pawns of Deception, new author Beverly Pinske writes a knock down, drag out espionage thriller that goes to show that there are no free rides when it comes to Americas freedom. In this, her fast-paced debut spy drama, Pinskes engaging and unforgettable characters demand freedom--and are willing to die for it. No stranger to death, former NSA agent Lisa Wood is tracked down by her former colleague Clark Snow only to learn that his desperate, if cryptic, mission involves a national security issue. Within the hour, she has little choice but to grab her gun and help a small town sheriff uncover a sleeper cell that, if activated, will bring utter chaos to the country and, possibly, the world. Forced into a deadly game of chess, where no one is above being sacrificed and freedom is the final checkmate, the unwitting duo will be forced to discover the game plans of a drug pusher, a computer genius , a well-known philanthropist, and a secret society on a frightening mission.

Title: Pawns of Deception

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing

Publication Date: 2010

Book Condition:Good

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Pawns of Deception DOCX

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Yep. Great share!
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Pawns of Deception Ebook PDF

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Will post a mirror here as soon as I'm able to save it to my
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