The Ict Coordinator

The Ict Coordinator

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The Ict Coordinator

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Author: Adrian McDonagh
ISBN: 9783847309291
Since computers were first introduced into the Irish Education system in 1977 many millions have been spent on this technology. However despite spending large amounts of money introducing technology into the classroom, little empirical evidence exists to show that ICT has changed or improved how teachers teach or how students learn. A key figure in attempting to integrate ICT into the Education system is the ICT coordinator. This book offers a full investigation into the role of ICT Coordinators in Irish post-primary schools. The findings show that many of the barriers that have existed and been reported in the literature in the past regarding for example a teachers reluctance to integrate ICT into the classroom have largely faded. This is due in no small measure to continued investment in the infrastructure in schools. However no small measure of praise in helping to overcome previouly repotted barriers can be attributed to the role the ICT coordinator played and continues to play within the school. However the findings show that the role continues to be largely unappreciated and certainly undervalued within Irish school system.

Title: The Ict Coordinator

Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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The Ict Coordinator Kindle

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The Ict Coordinator EPUB

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The Ict Coordinator Kindle

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The Ict Coordinator Ebook MOBI

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