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Author: Roberts, Jenny
ISBN: 9781873741429

Cameron McGill is on a mission: to find out why her sister, who never touched drugs, was fished from a canal with needle marks all down her arm. Tearing through Amsterdam on her Harley-Davidson, Cam encounters radical squatters, evasive drug agencies and a particularly alluring policewoman. But its hard to know who to trust in a quest that could claim her life as gruesomely as it took her sisters.

"A pacy, energetic thriller told in a crisp, direct style.-Manda Scott

"Deserves to be read by more than its niche market an excellently paced, well plotted thriller."-The Guardian

Title: Needlepoint

Publisher: Diva Books

Publication Date: 2001

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

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Needlepoint MOBI Kindle

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