Mahogany Heart

Mahogany Heart

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Mahogany Heart

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Author: Ms. Marcia Nicole
ISBN: 9780991274000
One of Connecticuts most successful women, self-made millionaire Mahogany Jackson lives the lavish life style that she and her 3 best friends Latrell, Vonda, and Jalissa have forever dreamed of as children. She owns a house, cars, jewels and could afford whatever else she wanted. But, things arent as they appear to be, this diva has a haunting secret that is tearing her soul apart and causing many sleepless nights as its getting harder to hide from her friends and family. This secret is starting to take over her life. But will the uncovering of this dark burden destroy her friendships, her family and he career? Now being faced with the reality of her secrets and lies, she will have some momentous decisions to eventually make. And finding new love, having a beautiful family, great friends, her dream career and financial stability means nothing as Mahogany deals with her internal drama and demons. Will her friends and finally turning to God help her, or is she in so deep thats all together to late?

Title: Mahogany Heart

Publisher: Platinum Ink Publishing

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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Cool share.
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