Levon's Night: Levon Cade Book 2

Levon's Night: Levon Cade Book 2

» 24.08.2017 07:28

Levon's Night: Levon Cade Book 2

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Ebook Details:

Author: Dixon, Chuck
ISBN: 9781514781517
A gang of vicious criminals hunts the world over for a cache of hundreds of millions in stolen currency. Their search brings them to a snowbound community in the dead of a Maine winter. They came one night to torture, rob and kill. They picked the wrong night. Levons Night. The second entry in Chuck Dixons series of Levon Cade thrillers throws the man of many skills into the middle of a billion dollar heist. This time his daughter Merry shares the danger with him as the two must do whatever it takes to survive against the elements and a crew of murderous thugs. ?Chuck is a damn good writer who is really good at hooking you, giving you fun characters, and telling you one hell of an adventure story.? Larry Correia, Monster Hunters International, the Grimoir Chronicles

Title: Levons Night: Levon Cade Book 2

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: 2015

Book Condition:Very Good

Edition: first.

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Levon's Night: Levon Cade Book 2 Ebook PDF

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Hey madlyboy thank you for this. IF you can plesae update this with latest :) once again thanks and rep
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Levon's Night: Levon Cade Book 2 Kindle

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Thanks for the share, great work :) Reps added.
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