The Red Grip

The Red Grip

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The Red Grip

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Author: Madeline R Maxwell
ISBN: 9781602662599
Ever wondered what is wrong with your workplace environment? Ever wanted to quit, or run away? This is the true story of a womans 30 year journey as a social worker/teacher, from her first job to her last, who, when faced with human, secular, and supernatural evil, has taken flight literally, figuratively, and spiritually, but always with her best companion, The Red Grip. "Ive been fired, Ive been told to leave.led to find the answers to mental illness, merely diseases of the damaged soul.Ive been broke, bankrupt, has both enabled me, and simultaneously caused me.. to run from one side of the world to another.So many opposites, in the workplace, outside the workplace, but always seemingly related to it." Madeline R. Maxwell has a Bachelors and a Masters "plus 30" in various creative arts. She is a mother, grandmother, musician and artist who travels often.

Title: The Red Grip

Publisher: Xulon Press

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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The Red Grip Read

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