Official Price Guide to Bottles

Official Price Guide to Bottles

» 05.09.2017 04:10

Official Price Guide to Bottles

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Ebook Details:

Author: Jim Megura
ISBN: 9780676600094

-- Completely Revised and Updated. This priceless sourcebook contains new bottle categories, with a special emphasis on reproductions, distinguishing between the old and the new, dating, attribution, and discerning fakes -- plus brief, invaluable discussions of pressed/Sandwich glass and blown glass: pitchers, bowls, and more!
-- A Market Review that spots trends and places them in perspective, gives prices paid at auction, and looks at the future of bottle collecting.
-- Expert Guidance on starting and maintaining your own collection, including advice on how to choose a bottle specialty and what kind of investment will be required.
-- Handy Tips on buying, selling, and trading show you how to make the most of antique shops, flea markets, pawn shops, and tag sales.
-- Vital Information includes listings of dealers across the country and helpful reference books -- plus a glossary of key terms from "applied lip" to "whittle marks."
-- Fully Illustrated with a lavish eight-page color insert.

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Official Price Guide to Bottles Read

» 06.09.2017 10:19

Thanks for sharing!
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Official Price Guide to Bottles Read

» 10.09.2017 11:42

Excellent share!
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Official Price Guide to Bottles Ebook EPUB

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that deserves more than reps
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