A Road of Eagles

A Road of Eagles

» 15.09.2017 01:58

A Road of Eagles

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Ebook Details:

Author: Joseph Coughlin
ISBN: 9781466976351
A Road of Eagles is a fast paced action thriller that takes the reader into the cutthroat world of the high rollers and hard men of the Trucking Industry who can make or break a company with the stroke of a pen. It is a story of a fascinating character, KYLE TRAYNOR, a man of scruples and integrity, capable of getting down in the gutter and slugging it out. DERON CARTER, the antagonist and antithesis of Traynor, is a hired gun, a man without scruples willing to do anything to attain his devious plan. The story introduces Traynor as a young, idealistic veteran, who after the war finds himself floundering, unsure of what he wants in life. Traynor stumbles into the trucking industry by chance, taking a position with ALLIED TRANSPORT. For Traynor this is only a stop gap position until he gets his life together. Starting as a dockworker Traynor quickly advances under the tutelage of WILLIE BLOOM. Moving into a road drivers position, Traynor discovers he has found his niche and rapidly ascends the corporate ladder taken under the wing of BEN LIEBMAN, Vice President of Operations. In Traynor Ben Liebman spots a quick study and Traynor begins his rise at Allied Transport. Drawn into the inner circle of Allied Transport, Traynor finds out quickly that Allied is made up of more than just men and machines moving freight from coast to coast. He finds a world of hard men, making hard decisions. It is also a mysterious world of cunning and devious men where only the strong and vicious survive. The supportive characters that help build this story include men like SAUL LEHMAN, the man who founded and built Allied Transport. SAUL LEHMAN JR., his son was destined to inherit the company.

Title: A Road of Eagles

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Hardcover

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A Road of Eagles Ebook EPUB

» 16.09.2017 04:08

Updated to the latest versions,sorry for the late update i was litle bussy
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A Road of Eagles Read

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Thanks for the update.
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A Road of Eagles Ebook MOBI

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great share
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A Road of Eagles MOBI

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great share, mate:)
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A Road of Eagles Ebook PDF

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wow finally found this, +5!
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A Road of Eagles Read

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bump can you update it to latest version? Thanks!
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A Road of Eagles Read

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Thank you very very much man, +25 rating added :)
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A Road of Eagles Ebook DOCX

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Thank you. You are awesome
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