Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate

Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate

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Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate

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Ebook Details:

Author: Nelson, Andy
ISBN: 9780945983156
The intermediate Texas Hold Em player is a player who is starting to build upon a foundation of good poker skills. For instance, he or she has come to understand the importance of choosing the right starting hand. The better intermediate player will have the start of a good betting strategy worked out in his head. This Intermediate book leads the intelligent player to review and profitably use the power of position. The author also stresses the value of reading the other players, what a raise by another player tells you and how to apply the odds. Check out the Table of Contents listed below.

Title: Poker - Hold Em: Intermediate

Publisher: Pokerbook Pr

Publication Date: 1993

Book Condition:Good

Edition: Revised.

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Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate Ebook PDF

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Awesome share mate!
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Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate Kindle

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Keep those awesome shares coming.
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Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate Kindle

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Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate MOBI

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once again thanks for an awesome and generous share
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Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate MOBI

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Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate Ebook MOBI

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Poker - Hold 'Em: Intermediate PDF Online

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thanks for the great share.
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