The Love of Marisol

The Love of Marisol

» 04.07.2016 13:58

The Love of Marisol

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Author: Christos Toulouras
ISBN: 9781908959256
When Leos marriage ends, he falls into the depths of depression. He decides to escape the loss and heartbreak with a trip to the other side of the world; Lima, Peru. In some ways, his journey becomes an unexpected salvation as his passions are reignited by the local food and people, climate and the beautiful and alluring Marisol. The Love of Marisol is a poignant and heartfelt journey of heartbreak, loss but most of all self-discovery. It reminds us that at the end of one love story, there is the possibility of a new one - the book is a nuanced portrait of a man who finally finds solid ground on which to start the rest of his life. The writer uses instances of magical realism within his narrative, a popular genre in Latin America where it originated, where fantastical and magical elements are treated as natural instances within a realistic plot and real setting. This is the first work of Christos Toulouras that has been translated into English language.

Title: The Love of Marisol

Publisher: Wattle Publishing Limited

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:VERY GOOD

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The Love of Marisol EPUB

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Awesome share mate!
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The Love of Marisol PDF

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thanks! :)
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The Love of Marisol DOCX

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The Love of Marisol Ebook PDF

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EXCELLENT - thanks reps++
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The Love of Marisol MOBI Kindle

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The Love of Marisol PDF Kindle

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Good share thanks any lkey yet
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The Love of Marisol Kindle

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