Alexander: Ends of the Earth

Alexander: Ends of the Earth

» 04.06.2016 14:55

Alexander: Ends of the Earth

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Ebook Details:

Author: Manfredi, Valerio Massimo; Jacobi, Sir Derek
ISBN: 9781405034012
The Macedonian army marches ever onward in search of glory, crushing resistance at every turn. The culture and beauty of Babylon is quickly ravaged and the Palace of Persepolis burnt to ashes and cinders. An empire is destroyed and a new and bloody era begins. But there are other things on Alexanders mind. An ambitious project to unite the peoples of the empire in one homeland begins to obsess him. There are rebellions and bloodshed, but the curious beauty of Queen Roxanna gives Alexander the strength to fulfil his destiny...Compelling, exciting and romantic, this is the breathtaking conclusion to the bestselling Alexander trilogy.

Title: Alexander: Ends of the Earth

Publisher: Macmillan Audio Books

Publication Date: 2004

Binding: Audio CD

Book Condition:Good

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Alexander: Ends of the Earth Ebook

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Max REP added
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Alexander: Ends of the Earth Ebook DOCX

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Rep Added, waiting for the mirror
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Alexander: Ends of the Earth Kindle

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Hi - Great looking share
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Alexander: Ends of the Earth PDF Kindle

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great share, great work, Reps added.
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Alexander: Ends of the Earth Kindle

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Alexander: Ends of the Earth PDF

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Please update, thanks for your effort.
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Alexander: Ends of the Earth PDF

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reupload please.. link down..
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Alexander: Ends of the Earth EPUB

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looking forward to seeing this :)
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