Mind, Body and Inner-self

Mind, Body and Inner-self

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Mind, Body and Inner-self

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Author: Giuseppe Del Giudice
ISBN: 9781410739674
In the field of health, life and well being a combination of factors must exist. Such as, the mind, body and inner-self connection. This philosophy focuses on the whole person, encompassing the harmonious relationship between the mind, body and inner-self. These three units work together as one unit. If one unit is affected the other two units will be affected as well. The mind, body and inner-self must balance to bring peace and inner order for oneself When you improve any of the three units the other will improve to that same degree. It is the Cause and Effect law.¿When you improve your thinking your body and inner-self improve. When you improve your body your mind and inner-self improve as well. When you enhance your inner-self your mind and body improves too. What is the inner-self made of? It is made of your beliefs, behaviors, ethics, morals and your general view of life. It is the internal force that drives you to achieve goals in life. With the proper balance between the mind, body and inner-self you can attain inner peace,vitality and reduce worry and concern.¿This book allows you to look from the inside out.

Title: Mind, Body and Inner-self

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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Mind, Body and Inner-self PDF

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thanks for the great share.
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Mind, Body and Inner-self MOBI

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that deserves more than reps
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Mind, Body and Inner-self PDF

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Awesome share.
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Mind, Body and Inner-self PDF Online

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Hi and thanks for this fantastic share.
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Mind, Body and Inner-self PDF

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Thank you very much +5 rep
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Mind, Body and Inner-self Ebook EPUB

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Just an incredible share
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