Framework for the world

Framework for the world

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Framework for the world

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framework Framework for the World. The geographical framework for the world is so fundamental it affects the lives of everyone on earth. On top of this template virtually all other kinds of information are collected and displayed, ranging from population and socio-economic statistics, through environmental data of all kinds to asset registers such as the location of underground pipes and cables. For many years, the framework comprised simple topographic paper maps. Increasingly it is formed by topographic digital databases, from which maps and other products can be spun off. These maps and databases have been created by a branch of national government, the National Mapping Organizations. At present, however, there are large variations in the content, quality and currency of the mapping and many countries have not yet converted all their maps into digital format. The world of NMOs is in turmoil, beset by rapid changes in technology, higher expectations from users of information and radical changes in the ways in which governments operate. This book describes how different approaches are being taken in policy and practical terms in different countries to face these common challenges. It also describes how global - as compared to purely national - needs are emerging for GI and how this demand is being met. The mutation of some national mapping organisations into geographical information utilities and the growth of national geographical information systems are outlined. Framework for the World is developed in 21 chapters written by senior managers involved with the framework from many different countries and drawn from both civilian and military organizations, from the United Nations and from the users of geographical frameworks. For the World

Title: Framework for the world

Publisher: Wiley

Publication Date: 1997

Book Condition:Very Good

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Framework for the world Ebook

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