The Billion Dollar Boy (Starscape)

The Billion Dollar Boy (Starscape)

» 21.08.2017 16:23

The Billion Dollar Boy (Starscape)

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Ebook Details:

Author: Sheffield, Charles
ISBN: 9780765345660
New York Public Library "Best Books for the Teen Age" selection

Shelby Cheever V is a spoiled brat. He is also the richest kid in the country. Actually, make that the universe. Bored with his all-the-amusements-money-can-buy life, he decides on a bit of interstellar action, Shelby-style. But it turns out life on a starship is not all fun and games. As part of a crew, Shelby has a few things to learn. Like, how to follow orders instead of simply giving orders. Can Shelby learn how to cooperate with his crewmates?

He may not have a choice. When Shelby becomes the target of a hostage-for-ransom scheme, hell need all the help he can get.

Title: The Billion Dollar Boy (Starscape)

Publisher: Starscape

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Book Condition:Very Good

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The Billion Dollar Boy (Starscape) MOBI Kindle

» 26.08.2017 18:16

thanks, looking forward to it
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The Billion Dollar Boy (Starscape) Ebook MOBI

» 29.08.2017 14:40

wooWW.. Great share! Thanks!!!! 5+ Rep added
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The Billion Dollar Boy (Starscape) Ebook DOCX

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Awesome share +5 reps added many thanks.
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The Billion Dollar Boy (Starscape) Ebook PDF

» 11.09.2017 05:15

It should be a good one and thank you for sharing. +5 Rep added
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The Billion Dollar Boy (Starscape) MOBI Kindle

» 17.09.2017 01:08

Please reup. thnkx
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