Sword and Verse -

Sword and Verse -

» 23.08.2017 10:25

Sword and Verse -

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Ebook Details:

Author: Kathy MacMillan
ISBN: 9781504694742

In a sweeping fantasy that award-winning author Franny Billingsley called "fascinating and unique," debut author Kathy MacMillan weaves palace intrigue and epic world building to craft a tale for fans of Rae Carson and Megan Whalen Turner.Raisa was just a child when she was sold into slavery in the kingdom of Qilara. Before she was taken away, her father had been adamant that she learn to read and write. But where she now lives, literacy is a capital offense for all but the nobility. The written language is closely protected, and only the King, Prince, Tutor, and Tutor-in-training are allowed to learn its very highest form. So when she is plucked from her menial labor and selected to replace the last Tutor-in-training, who was executed, Raisa knows that betraying any hint of her past could mean death.Keeping her secret guarded is hard enough, but the romance thats been blossoming between her and Prince Mati isnt helping matters. Then Raisa is approached by the Resistance-an underground rebel army-to help liberate the citys slaves. She wants to free her people, but that would mean aiding a war against Mati. As Raisa struggles with what to do, she discovers a secret that the Qilarites have been hiding for centuries-one that, if uncovered, could bring the kingdom to its knees.

Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn't have the time to sit around and talk about you. What's important to me is not others' opinions of me, but what's important to me is my opinion of myself.
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Sword and Verse - DOCX

» 01.09.2017 08:45

Great share, would be cool to have it
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Sword and Verse - PDF Kindle

» 02.09.2017 08:40

5+ Rating added thanks for the share
You believe in a book that has talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, burning bushes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, and all sorts of magical, absurd and primitive stories, and you say that we are the ones that need help?
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Sword and Verse - Kindle

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Hello OP. Version 1.9.19 is here. Can you please provide an update. Thanks!
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Sword and Verse - Ebook DOCX

» 15.09.2017 11:17

Looks very great. Nice share :)
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Sword and Verse - MOBI Kindle

» 26.09.2017 02:07

Great share mate.
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Sword and Verse - Read

» 29.09.2017 01:10

great share, mate:)
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Sword and Verse - MOBI Kindle

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Thanks once again. PM'd and +5 repped.
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