Portals II (Battle in the Skies)

Portals II (Battle in the Skies)

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Portals II (Battle in the Skies)

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Ebook Details:

Author: Ryan Jakubsen
ISBN: 9780982300534
The Pierce brothers adventure continues in their quest to return home after they recapture the wolf manimals rightful land. But the celebration is cut short when they discover that the diamond, which is key to operating the portals, is missing. The search for the lost control begins only to have the sky darkened by a cruel, vicious new enemy, the crow manimals. As they run for cover, Lucy is snatched from Axels grip and carried to a far off land. Awesome and powerful Eagle manimals join forces with the wolf manimals and the brothers to search for Lucy. Just when things are looking hopeful, Axel is critically wounded. You wont want to put this fast-paced page-turner down as you live every minute of the adventure with Axel, Exile, Alex, Jared and Lucy and their new friends.

Title: Portals II (Battle in the Skies)

Publisher: Alabaster Books

Publication Date: 2009

Book Condition:Good

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Portals II (Battle in the Skies) Ebook DOCX

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Great share, thx
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Portals II (Battle in the Skies) Ebook PDF

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Portals II (Battle in the Skies) Read

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Hi - Great looking share
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Portals II (Battle in the Skies) Ebook MOBI

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Thanks for the great share
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Portals II (Battle in the Skies) Ebook PDF

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Thanks for the share
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Portals II (Battle in the Skies) Ebook EPUB

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+5 Rep added ! Thank You so much ..
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Portals II (Battle in the Skies) Ebook PDF

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Max reps sent your way.
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