The Poodle (Our Best Friends)

The Poodle (Our Best Friends)

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The Poodle (Our Best Friends)

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Ebook Details:

Author: Janice Biniok
ISBN: 9781932904246

The purpose of the Our Best Friends series is to provide a helpful and comprehensive introduction to pet ownership. Each book contains the basic information a prospective pet owner needs in order to choose the right pet for his or her situation and to care for that pet throughout the pets lifetime.

Training, socialization, proper nutrition, potential medical issues, and the legal responsibilities of pet ownership are throughly explained and discussed, and an abundance of expert tips and suggestions are offered.

The books in the Our Best Friends series provide everything the reader needs to know about how to have a happy, well-adjusted, and well-behaved pet.

These books can help you keep your pets healthy, disease-free, and happy by providing detailed instructions in the following areas: finding a pet that is right for you, either from a breeder or a shelter; understanding the costs involved in owing a pet, as well as your legal responsibilities; keeping your pet safe, both at home and outside the home; selecting the right veterinarian to ensure your pets health; providing proper nutrition during each phase of your pets life; housetraining your pet and teaching him basic commands; properly grooming and exercising your pet; and becoming involved in activities that require advanced training, such as participating in shows, competing in sports, or working as service animals.

Trade-edition binding.

Title: The Poodle (Our Best Friends)

Publisher: Eldorado Ink

Publication Date: 2008

Book Condition:Very Good

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