Rain in the Afternoon

Rain in the Afternoon

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Rain in the Afternoon

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Author: Cassidy, Jim
ISBN: 9781608608164
Charlie Capellas is accustomed to war and the devastation it causes. A Green Beret officer, Capellas life takes a drastic turn when he decides to trade his uniform for a coffee-colored habit. Accepting a missionary position in the impoverished town of Santa Rosa, El Salvador, Capellas is known to all as Padre Carlos. Carrying the memory of Sister Anna Maria, a close friend and missionary who saved his life, Capellas is determined to honor her mission. Controlled by coffee barons and industry leaders, Santa Rosas indigent population suffers unfathomable poverty, governmental persecution and exploitation. Capellas will go up against a ruthless coffee baron, whose modus operandi involves the persecution of any who challenge his rule. When the barons daughter, Margo, agrees to help him and the people of his mission town, the animosity between the two men grows. Can Capellas defeat those who wish to destroy him? Can he trust Margo or does she have an ulterior motive? Witnessing the hardships caused by the countrys economy and battling violent and corrupt dictators, this will prove to be the toughest assignment of his life. Cassidy writes a stellar novel that blends fact with fiction. His depiction of a country ruled by violence and intimidation takes the reader inside a world that to most is unimaginable. Jim Cassidy is a writer and retired internist. He is the author of The Ferry to America and is currently writing a suspense thriller. He lives with his wife, Janeanne, near Chicago, Illinois. Publishers website: www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/RainintheAfternoon.html

Title: Rain in the Afternoon

Publisher: Eloquent Books

Publication Date: 2010

Book Condition:Very Good

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Rain in the Afternoon PDF Kindle

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Thanks and 5+ reputation for you
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Rain in the Afternoon Read

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bump can you update it to latest version? Thanks!
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Rain in the Afternoon MOBI

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Looks like an awesome share
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