An Amazing Murmur of the Heart

An Amazing Murmur of the Heart

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An Amazing Murmur of the Heart

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Author: Helman, Cecil
ISBN: 9781781610190
Cecil Helman GP, medical anthropologist and acclaimed writer looks back on a life-time of encounters with patients to ask Where has the patient gone? and answers that patients are still here, waiting for their doctors to notice them again, to shift their attention away from all their magic machines and high tech tests, and to listen to their stories again. And hidden away in those stories, to hear the faint, almost inaudible, murmuring of their hearts. Whether you are on the receiving or the delivery end of health care, Cecil Helman s humane and penetrating account will open your eyes to what happens when patient and doctor meet, and how that interaction might transcend the current focus on single symptoms and test results.

Title: An Amazing Murmur of the Heart

Publisher: Hammersmith Health Books


Book Condition:Very Good

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An Amazing Murmur of the Heart Ebook MOBI

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An Amazing Murmur of the Heart Ebook PDF

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