Dev of Thalamocortical Connections

Dev of Thalamocortical Connections

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Dev of Thalamocortical Connections

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Author: Molnar, Zoltan
ISBN: 9783540642251
This book addresses the current debate on the areal specialization of the cerebral cortex, with a detailed examination of the interactions between the developing thalamus and cerebral cortex. It discusses recent in vivo and in vitro approaches and how they reveal possible guiding mechanisms involved in the deployment of the thalamocortical fibers and the earliest interactions between the new thalamic fibers and the developing cortical circuitry. It also presents new views on the possible evolutionary origin of the developmental algorithms employed during thalamocortical development.

Title: Dev of Thalamocortical Connections

Publisher: Springer

Publication Date: 1998

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:Used: Good

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Dev of Thalamocortical Connections Ebook EPUB

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Thanks for sharing man... I was looking for this ...
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Dev of Thalamocortical Connections Kindle

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Awesome share! Max REP
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