Toys From Occupied Japan

Toys From Occupied Japan

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Toys From Occupied Japan

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Author: Marsella
ISBN: 9780887408755

From September 1945 until April 1954, the U.S. Army of the Occupation set up its headquarters in Tokyo under General Douglas MacArthur. The foremost order to the army was to aid in the restoration of the economy of the country. They were successful, and the result is a variety of products known to collectors as O.J. or Occupied Japan. This wonderful book documents, with 370 full colour photographs, many of the clever toys created in Occupied Japan and exported around the world. Included are most of the boxes that held the objects, a boon to collectors who are highly value authentic packaging. A price guide makes this a complete book for collectors.

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Toys From Occupied Japan Kindle

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Toys From Occupied Japan PDF

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Toys From Occupied Japan PDF Kindle

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