The Web (Alex Delaware)

The Web (Alex Delaware)

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The Web (Alex Delaware)

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Author: Jonathan Kellerman
ISBN: 9780345460738
Psychologist-detective Dr. Alex Delaware finds terror in the heart of paradise in this relentlessly sinister novel by Americas premier writer of psychological suspense, the author of ten successive New York Times bestsellers.  Three months in paradise, all expenses paid.  Its an invitation Alex Delaware cant refuse.  Dr. Woodrow Wilson Moreland, a revered scientist and philanthropist on the tiny Pacific island of Aruk, has invited Alex to his home to help him organize his papers for publication-- a light workload leaving Alex plenty of time to enjoy a romantic interlude with Robin Castagna.

Quickly, however, secretive houseguests, frightening nocturnal visitors, and the elusive Dr. Moreland himself dim the pleasures of deep blue water and white

The cases Moreland chooses to share--a patient driven to madness by a cruel, unspeakable act; a man who succumbed forty years ago to radiation poisoning after a nuclear blast; a young woman, brutally murdered, whose mutilated body was found on the beach just six months before-- seem unconnected.  And yet Alex cant help wondering what the good doctor is trying to tell him...and what Morelands real reason for inviting him to Aruk is.

As Alex probes--with a little long-distance help from his friend LAPD detective Milo Sturgis--he comes to believe the answer lies hidden somewhere on Morelands vast estate.  Yet when he finally discovers the truth, the revelation will be more shocking than he could have imagined.  And it will come too late to stem the tide of violence that threatens guilty and innocent alike on the lovely lost island of Aruk.

Once again, with his brilliant characterizations and rapid-fire pace, Jonathan Kellerman has redefined the boundaries of suspense, probing real-life horrors and innermost fears in a novel that transfixes from first page to last.

Also available on BDD Audio Cassette.

Title: The Web (Alex Delaware)

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Publication Date: 2003

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Book Condition:Good

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The Web (Alex Delaware) MOBI Kindle

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The Web (Alex Delaware) Ebook EPUB

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The Web (Alex Delaware) Ebook

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The Web (Alex Delaware) Ebook PDF

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