Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts

Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts

» 28.08.2017 09:55

Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts

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Author: Susan Hayward
ISBN: 9780415227391
This is the essential guide for anyone interested in film. Now in its second edition, the text has been completely revised and expanded to meet the needs of todays students and film enthusiasts. Some 150 key genres, movements, theories and production terms are explained and analyzed with depth and clarity. Entries include:
* auteur theory
* Blaxploitation
* British New Wave
* feminist film theory
* intertextuality
* method acting
* pornography
* Third World Cinema
* Vampire movies.

Title: Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts

Publisher: Routledge

Publication Date: 2000

Book Condition:Fair

Edition: 2nd Edition.

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Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts PDF Kindle

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Of course REP added!
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Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts MOBI

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Thank you !
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Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts Ebook PDF

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Updated to the latest versions,sorry for the late update i was litle bussy
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Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts Kindle

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Wow! Awesome share, as usual, from you!
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Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts MOBI Kindle

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Great share Max Reps
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