Amity & Sorrow: A Novel

Amity & Sorrow: A Novel

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Amity & Sorrow: A Novel

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Author: Riley, Peggy
ISBN: 9780316220873
A page-turning literary debut about a mother and her two teenage daughters escaping a cult and starting over. Two sisters sit in the backseat of a car, bound at the wrists by a strip of white cloth. Their mother, Amaranth, drives for days without pause, desperate to get away from the husband she fears will follow them to the earths end. Her daughters, Amity and Sorrow, cannot comprehend why theyre fleeing or fathom what exists outside their fathers polygamous compound. When an exhausted Amaranth crashes their car in rural Oklahoma, rescue arrives in the form of Bradley, a farmer not unfamiliar with loss and uncertain futures. At first mistrustful of the strange, prayerful trio, Bradley allows his abiding tolerance to get the best of him, and the four become a new kind of family.

Full of achingly beautiful prose, AMITY & SORROW is a mesmerizing debut about belief, redemption, and the dark heart of extreme faith.

Title: Amity & Sorrow: A Novel

Publisher: Back Bay Books

Publication Date: 2014

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:Good

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Amity & Sorrow: A Novel PDF Kindle

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Thanks for the great share! Rep added.
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Amity & Sorrow: A Novel PDF Online

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Thanks in advance for your effort and share!
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Amity & Sorrow: A Novel MOBI

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Thanks and MAX reps to those that contributed to making this possible for the rest of us!
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