The Blue Herring Mystery -

The Blue Herring Mystery -

» 16.09.2017 23:48

The Blue Herring Mystery -

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Ebook Details:

Author: Ellery Queen
ISBN: 9781504636346

[Childrens Fiction (Ages 8-12)]

Mysteries have a way of finding Djuna, and this time a missing page from an old ships log and the dead captains haunted house start the ball rolling. Djuna has learned that Captain Beekman brought a treasure from his whaling trips. Who can have an interest in letting the boy get lost? Was Dejuna close to the answer of the mystery?

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The Blue Herring Mystery - PDF Online

» 18.09.2017 06:54

Thanks for this! Reps added
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The Blue Herring Mystery - PDF Online

» 27.09.2017 12:37

lovely shared max rep to you
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The Blue Herring Mystery - PDF Kindle

» 06.10.2017 10:15

can i have a link, please:-)
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The Blue Herring Mystery - Ebook MOBI

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Thx for the share..Interested...rep added
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The Blue Herring Mystery - EPUB

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Thank you very much +5 rep
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The Blue Herring Mystery - Ebook MOBI

» 24.10.2017 00:24

This mirror works.
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