An Opening of Heart

An Opening of Heart

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An Opening of Heart

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Author: Swerdfeger, Steven
ISBN: 9781932842104
The adventures continue as Aunt Lillian and David welcome Bobby Perkins into their home and decide to invite neighbors and friends to an Advent Party. Even a raging snow storm cannot prevent the planned celebration, at which Thatcher Pennythorpe recites part of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, indicating that he at one time gave holiday readings of that story every year. David becomes determined to have Mr. Pennythorpe renew his custom of public readings, with all ticket proceeds going to the community food back. The Potters invite Aunt Lillian, David, and Bobby to Christmas Eve services at Midvilles Methodist Church, and later in the holiday the young people attend a Watch Night Service on New Years Eve, curing the vacation, Sean Potter also takes David and Bobby to the enigmatic Mr. Astors shop of curiosities where the boys receive unexpected gifts. On New Years Day, Gertrude Coachman discovers that she no longer needs to continue teaching English, and embarks upon a journey that is beleaguered with unexpected frustrations and surprises. Mr. Ferlinghausen, Midville Middle Schools principal, invites David and his cohorts to host an assembly program for Dr. William Gregory, an educator who is comes to speak to the school. David becomes consumed with his science report on the megafauna, and hopes to upstage Mallory Evans, who is obsessed with the T-Rex as well as the need to be an Alpha male. David does his best to win sympathy for the megafauna during his presentation, and experiences a moment of cosmic consciousness regarding the interconnectedness of all life, which evokes in him a profound vision and transformation. Finally, after some intentional slights, misunderstandings and mishaps throughout the story, David, Bobby and Sean discover and acknowledge a new sense of friendship and brotherhood.

Title: An Opening of Heart

Publisher: Star Cloud Press

Publication Date: 2005

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:Acceptable

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An Opening of Heart Ebook DOCX

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An Opening of Heart Ebook EPUB

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An Opening of Heart Ebook MOBI

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please update :)
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