Marianne Williamson on Love

Marianne Williamson on Love

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Marianne Williamson on Love

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Author: Marianne Williamson
ISBN: 9781559947145

Marianne Williamson challenges us to look at out thoughts, feelings, and fears about love. The more love we add to our relationships, Williamson tells, us the more love is available to us. This expansion of love can work for us in all our relationships, help us to understand our obsessions, release our past mistakes, and become open to new opportunties for love in our lives.

The purpose of relationships is spiritual growth. Through her interpretation of A Course in Miracles, Williamson discusses how the application of the principles of universal love creates breakthroughs in all our personal relationships. It is our desire to control situations, and our romantic idea of one imagined perfect partner, that destroys relationships. By letting go of our ideas of what a loving relationship should look like, we open ourselves to the wonderful possibilities that exist for the truest kind of love.

A continuation of her lectures based on A Course in Miracles.

Marianne Williamson has 21 original lectures with HarperAudio. Run a search on her name to get a full listing.


Title: Marianne Williamson on Love

Publisher: HarperAudio

Book Condition:Good

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