Families of Plymouth, New Hampshire. Two Volumes.

Families of Plymouth, New Hampshire. Two Volumes.

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Families of Plymouth, New Hampshire. Two Volumes.

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Author: Stearns, Ezra S.
ISBN: 9781596411845

Originally published as Volume II of the "History of Plymouth, New Hampshire." Plymouth, New Hampshire, incorporated in 1763, is located between the Lakes Region to the south and the White Mountains to the north, and is in the geographical center of New Hampshire in Grafton County. On March 15, 1895, the Town History Committee voted that a history of the town of Plymouth be prepared by and under the direction of the committee. Soon after, the research and collection of information began. Town records were consulted, and surveys were distributed to town residents and descendants for genealogical information. It was not until May 1902, that the committee secured the services of Hon. Ezra S. Stearns to write this history, including a volume on the families of Plymouth. The project was completed in 1906, with the publication of a two-volume set, the History of Plymouth, New Hampshire. Volume I, consisted of a historical narrative of the Plymouth, while Volume II contained genealogical and biographical sketches of approximately 1,500 Plymouth families, and roughly 5,000 individuals. This second volume, Volume II, is reprinted here in its entirety, with the new title, "Families of Plymouth New Hampshire." Information includes dates of birth, death, and marriage; and often short narratives of the individual, including trade or profession, military service, accomplishments, and education. FOLLOWING IS A PARTIAL LIST OF FAMILIES COVERED: Abbot, Adams, Aldrich, Allen, Ames, Andrews, Atwood, Avery, Ayer, Babb, Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Barnard, Barnes, Bartlett, Batchelder, Bean, Bennett, Bickford, Blake, Blanchard, Bliss, Blood, Boardman, Boynton, Bradley, Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Burnham, Buzzell, Carr, Carter, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chapman, Chase, Cheney, Church, Cilley, Clark, Clement, Clifford, Clough, Coffin, Colby, Collins, Cook, Copp, Corliss, Corser, Cox, Craig, Crockett, Crosby, Cross, Cummings, Currier, Darling, Davis, Day, Dean, Dearborn, Dodge, Dole, Dolloff, Dow, Drew, Durgin, Eastman, Eaton, Elliot, Emerson, Emery, Emmons, Evans, Farnum, Farwell, Fellows, Fifield, Fisher, Flanders, Fletcher, Flint, Fogg, Ford, Foss, Foster, Fowler, Freeman, French, Fuller, Gage, Gale, Garland, George, Gilman, Glover, Goodhur, Goodrich, Gordon, Gould, Gove, Graham, Grant, Gray, Greeley, Green, Hadley, Haines, Hall, Hardy, Harris, Hart, Harvey, Haseltine, Hastings, Heath, Herbert, Herrick, Hill, Holmes, Holt, Homans, Hoyt, Hunt, Huntington, Huse, Hutchins, Ingalls, Jewett, Johnson, Jones, Kelley, Kendall, Keyes, Kidder, Kimball, King, Knight, Knowles, Ladd, Lane, Lawrence, Leavitt, Lewis, Libbey, Little, Locke, Lougee, Lovejoy, Lovering, March, Marsh, Marshall, Marston, Martin, Mason, Matthews, McClure, Meloon, Merrill, Milk, Mitchell, Moore, Morrill, Morrison, Morse, Moses, Moulton, Mudgett, Mulliken, Muzzey, Nason, Nelson, Nichols, Norris, Noyes, Nutting, Ordway, Osgood, Packard, Page, Paige, Paine, Palmer, Parker, Payne, Peabody, Pearson, Peaslee, Perkins, Permoit, Perry, Phelps, Philrick, Phillips, Pierce, Pike, Pillsbury, Pingrey, Piper, Plummer, Pollard, Poor, Pope, Porter, Powers, Prescott, Preston, Quimby, Randall, Reed, Richardson, Richmond, Roberts, Robie, Robinson, Rogers, Rollins, Rowe, Rowell, Russell, Rust, Sanborn, Sargent, Savage, Sawyer, Scott, Scribner, Senter, Shaw, Shepard, Shute, Simonds, Sleeper, Small, Smart, Smith, Spalding, Stanton, Steele, Stetson, Stevens, Stinson, Strong, Swain, Swett, Taylor, Tewksbury, Thomas, Thompson, Tilton, Townsend, Tucker, Tufts, Turner, Underwood, Wadleigh, Walker, Wallace, Walton, Ward, Warner, Warren, Washburn, Watson, Webber, Webster, Weeks, Wells, Wentworth, West, Wheat, Wheeler, Wheet, Whipple, Whitcher, White, White, Whitney, Willard, Willey, Williams, Willoughby, Wilson, Winegar, Wise, Wood, Woodbury, Woodman, Woodward, Woodworth, Worthen, Wright, Wyatt, Wyman, Yeaton, and Young.

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Families of Plymouth, New Hampshire. Two Volumes. Ebook

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Families of Plymouth, New Hampshire. Two Volumes. Ebook MOBI

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Would love to have it
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